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The new Toyota Camry
Lead by example
This is not a car for everyone. The new Camry is a car for leaders who make their own choices. Sometimes off the beaten track, always self-conscious and well-considered. With the Camry you make a clear choice for Hybrid. You make a choice for driving pleasure that is unrivaled. You don’t make a choice for extra hassle: your Camry is self- charging while you drive it.

Its elegant lines and refined trim give the new Toyota Camry a distinguished presence that exudes natural authority.

The new Toyota Camry is not a car for everyone. That’s exactly why we are convinced that you will be able to identify with it.

Contact us for a test drive. The Camry is ready for you.

“Management is doing things right. Leadership is doing the right thing.”
— Peter F. Drucker
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This is such fantastic news, we cannot shout it loud enough:
Since 1966, Toyota has produced no less than 40 million Corollas, a world record! It says quite a lot about the model’s reputation. Because of its long career and its legendary reliability, we can safely say the Corolla is the one and only world car! Today we are proud to present the 12th generation of Corolla. Of course this new Corolla Hybrid is totally up to date, and even more than that.
The new Corolla Hybrid’s dynamic design is definitely a headturner. Its updated selfcharging hybrid drivetrain, available in 1.8 or 2.0 liter, allows the Corolla to give you best in class comfort, driving pleasure and, of course, fuel economy. Its extended Toyota Safety Sense equipment allows you to hit the road in total peace of mind.
By opting for the new Corolla, you make a clear statement: you take the lead!

Both the Corolla and the Corolla Touring Sports are on display in our dealerships at Machelen or Vilvoorde.
New Rav4 New Rav4
100% SUV. 100% HYBRID.
No compromise.
The RAV4 was built to be driven and designed to stand out. The innovative self-charging hybrid power train guarantees you all the benefits of an electric drive, without its drawbacks. And thanks to the both comfortable and spacious interior, you glide through the city in all safety, without compromise.
In the new RAV4 loads of groundbreaking technologies have been implemented which deliver tangible real advantages like the advanced dynamics of a new hybrid system, the reassurance of the Toyota Safety Sense and the ingenuity of a Panoramic Vieuw Monitor. New RAV4, multiple reasons to go out and explore.

Come and see for yourself in one of our concessions in Machelen or Vilvoorde.