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Experience the Unconventional Style of the All-new Toyota C-HR

Meet the Toyota C-HR, a testament to innovation that boldly defies norms. This groundbreaking vehicle sports an exterior design that is anything but ordinary, combining the allure of a coupe with the imposing nature of more robust vehicles. Impossible to ignore, the new Toyota C-HR dares to challenge traditional aesthetic ideals in the automobile industry.

The Toyota C-HR is not only revolutionary in its design but also in its user experience. Infused with intelligent technology, the vehicle delivers a seamless and intuitive experience that effortlessly anticipates your needs. Innovation is never overwhelming in the Toyota C-HR; it is inviting and user-friendly.

At the heart of the new Toyota C-HR's performance lies a thrilling and electrifying powertrain. The agile and responsive hatchback characteristics harmonize perfectly with the performance-conscious Toyota C-HR, offering a range of self-charging hybrids and the astounding Plug-In Hybrid 220. Experience exhilarating acceleration and true EV capabilities with this standout vehicle.

Toyota C-HR prioritizes safety as much as it does innovation and performance. Equipped with T-Mate, your helpful driving partner, it presents an array of systems designed to make your journey safer. Whether you're traversing highways, navigating city streets, or parking, T-Mate is there to assist and ensure your safety.

In our dedicated pursuit of sustainability, the new Toyota C-HR emerges as an eco-pioneer. By utilizing more recycled and cruelty-free materials, coupled with weight-saving measures and innovative production processes, we have successfully reduced CO2 emissions. This vehicle is not just a visual masterpiece; it's a testament to our commitment to a more sustainable future.

However, we are not done with the surprises. The new Toyota C-HR shines with its impressive standard features that prepare you for city drives and ventures beyond. Catering to all your commuting needs and guaranteeing a unique driving experience - that's the Toyota C-HR promise.

Embrace the out-of-the-ordinary, the innovative, and the eco-friendly with the new Toyota C-HR. Experience the revolution today.

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50 jaar Toyota W. De Bruyn

50 years of Toyota W. De Bruyn

Our story begins more than 50 years ago. The people of Vilvoorde and the surrounding area love to get their cars refuelled at Willy and Lisette De Bruyn’s. After all, with every fill-up they also get a dose of Limburg cordiality, a service that makes them feel they are more than a number here.

In 1973, Willy De Bruyn starts a garage in Machelen. As one of the first dealers of the then little-known Toyota brand, he performs pioneering work. Willy wins the trust of many customers in the region. He convinces them not only of Toyota’s solidity and reliability, but also of the importance of punctual after-sales service according to high Japanese quality standards.

From 1988, Garages W. De Bruyn is written in the plural: after Machelen, a second branch is opened in Vilvoorde.

A lot has changed in that half-century. Toyotas became increasingly comfortable, safe, economical and environmentally conscious. Our customers massively embraced hybrid technology. They are introduced to electric driving, and even discover hydrogen.

What remained the same is the unique atmosphere of a real family company. This is also reflected in our customers: very often we get to help the second and third generation within the same family on their way with new and used Toyotas.

We thank all of you, our loyal customers, for the past 50 years. This jubilee is also your jubilee: throughout the festive year, you can enjoy special anniversary conditions!

Our birthday wishes are also for you: we wish you and your Toyota many more years with our family company where you’re more a number!

Team Toyota W. De Bruyn

Our dealerships
Toyota W. De Bruyn stands for
51 years
of passion for our customers
26 years
of experience with Hybrid technology
Up to 10 years
warranty with every new Toyota
10 years
24h / 7d
most reliable brand according to Testaankoop
2 branches
with top service in your neighbourhood